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“I've just received and looked at my schedule. How awesome is that!? As a customer I am absolutely delighted! should be so proud of the Service they've built!''


Courtney, proud mum to three children

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Save time and effort

Leave the all time-consuming search and planning of after school activities to us, so you can free up your time.


We trawl and sift through the vast amount of information on after school activities to match your unique requirements. Say good bye to choice overwhelm.

Gain simplicity 

Effortless planning does exist. Our technology co-ordinates multiple activities over multiple days for multiple children so you're off to a good start. 


What's more, this comes with full control as the decision to choose and book activities is yours, always.

Your perfectly

co-ordinated planner


We harmonise the after school activities that match your requirements into a familiar weekly calendar format. It's easy to use and valid for a full term. Oh and did we mention it's bespoke and private?

That's what we call planning made easy.

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