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Save Time




We take care of the all time-consuming search and planning process so you don't have to.


This means that we comb through the vast amount of information in the world wide web & the real world, and coordinate after school activities over multiple days, times & locations

Based on your unique requirements, we curate and create a bespoke termly schedule that fits into your family life.

You remain in control; the end decision is yours, always. We just help you with the process.

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Gain simplicity


Experiencing choice overwhelm? Worried about missing out on a good after school activity? TheKidsDo provides you with targeted choice instead.

Frustrated about the incomplete details that required multiple phone calls and emails? TheKidsDo takes care of gathering these important details.

Struggling to find the time to search for activities? Finding yourself browsing online for hours on end? TheKidsDo searches on your behalf, giving you your time back.

Having to co-ordinate multiple activities at different times and in multiple locations? TheKidsDo handles the complexity, providing you with simplicity.

We're here to help so you can do less.

What it is
Components of a perfectly co-ordinated schedule
Based on your requirements, we curate a vast amount of information on after school activities to specifically match your unique needs. Your schedule is presented in a familiar weekly calendar format, is easy-to-use and valid for a full term.
Your schedule includes a total of up to 40 elements of information which cover all the details you need to make a decision. Co-ordination across multiple activities, timing and locations is all clearly laid out for each day.
Your schedule is private, only you have access to it. It does not include any identifying information about your children as we use generic terms such as ''Child 1'', ''Child 2'', ''Child 3''. We take privacy seriously.

Perfectly co-ordinated schedule of after school activities in just 1-click

We respect your privacy & you can unsubscribe at any time.
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