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Some of the benefits you can expect
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Many of you have shared your business challenges with us; one of these being that you spend more time on Marketing than you would wish. Use our expertise to conduct Marketing on your behalf.

More Leads & Bookings.

Less Marketing.

Prefer to do it yourself? We're happy yo support you this way too. Each month, we set aside two one-to-one digital business coaching sessions with our founding CEO who is a highly experienced Digital Exec.

Digital Coaching

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More Time to Teach.

Less Admin.

Spend more time doing what you love: teaching children and teenagers and contributing to developing them into well-rounded individuals.

Spend less time on administration

More Digital presence. More Branding.

We are highly experienced in all things D thanks to our 15 years experience in launching and growing digital businesses. As a Partner, you directly benefit from this expertise. 

Our innovative technology supports both activity providers and parents in their planning of after school activities 

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