How to get ahead and keep the kids happy during the school summer holidays

School's Out for Summer!

Well they are finally here - the school summer holidays. It seems that parents and kids alike have been waiting eagerly for months for them to arrive. Now that they are in full swing, what are your plans for the kids? Do you have a colour coded schedule on your kitchen wall? Every day uniquely planned and mapped out? Or are you completely playing it by ear anxiously waiting for those dreaded three words 'But I'm B-O-R-E-D'?

We understand that finding and planning activities (especially during term-time) can often be time consuming and stressful for parents. First you have to trawl through lists of all the different local activities, then there is the research and finding out about availability. Do you really have the time?

Of course, once you have found the activities for your child, there’s the actual scheduling of all of your time, especially if you have children and not just one child to plan for. How you do juggle everything and manage the logistics? Where do you start?

Parents, we want you to know you’re not alone! Here at TheKidsDo we can help you reclaim your time. Based on your unique requirements, we curate and create a bespoke termly schedule that fits in with your family life.

Search less, live more

How does it work? We provide two simple steps guaranteed to get you organised in time for the ‘back to school’ rush.

1. All you need to do is to request your unique schedule online via our website by submitting your email address on our dedicated Parents page:

2. We will then email you a link to provide the details of your requirements in order for us to create your individual schedule. Your privacy is always safe and protected as we never ask for identifying information; for instance we never ask for your children’s names, instead we use generic terms such as ‘Child 1’.

Save yourself precious time.

Once you have registered, we do all the hard work for you by searching and curating the local activities relevant to you and your family’s requirements. We could save you between 4 - 10 hours, just like we do for many parents and their families.

You will then receive your schedule in a weekly calendar format. It is extremely easy to use and is valid for a full term. Your schedule is also private and bespoke to you and is accessible, by you only, online anytime whilst at home or on the move.

We currently provide our service in the following areas: Kingston-Upon-Thames, New Malden, Surbiton, Worcester Park, Richmond and Twickenham. And we are excited to be adding new cities in the future. Keep an eye on social media and our website for updates.

So if you want to save time and gain simplicity we would love to hear from you! Let us help you plan ahead and get ready for ‘back to school’.

How to keep the kids busy this summer and beyond.

We are on hand to continue to support local parents throughout the long summer break with our top tips, although we aren’t able to help with summer holiday activities just yet. So grab a cuppa, relax and let us share with you our tips for the top this summer.

1. Get organised

At The Kids Do we are big advocates of planning, organising and getting ahead. It’s what we do best! Don’t leave booking summer camps and activities to the last minute. Plan, plan, plan ahead especially as many get booked up in advance. You don’t want to be disappointed.

2. Be active

Make the most of the sunny weather and enjoy the great outdoors. As much as the kids probably want to play on tablets and games consoles. Getting outside and active is so important. It doesn’t have to be expensive either, think picnics in the park or why not even host a mini-Olympics in the garden with friends.

3. Don’t let rain stop play

If rain does try to spoil your day, then there’s plenty of activities you can do indoors.

How about having a go at a bit of baking with the kids - some ideas here. There’s also lots of different craft ideas you can try - examples here

4. Learning can be fun

They might be on holiday but you can still keep little minds active during the holidays. Why not create a fun treasure hunt at home complete with clues and activities. You could also create a quick and simple nature trail checklist for the next time you go out on a walk. If you fancy a day trip into town, there are plenty of free museums in London to visit such as the Natural History Museum and The Science Museum.

5. Sign up

Keep up to date on how TheKidsDo can help you stay organised throughout the school summer holidays and beyond by following us on Facebook or on Twitter (@TheKidsDo). We will be sharing plenty of activity ideas and inspiration to keep the kids entertained during the summer.

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