Nurturing intelligence, individuality and life skills through after school activities

At TheKidsDo, we believe that extra-curricular activities should take more centre stage. Learning new skills outside the confines of the classroom contributes towards the development of children and teenagers alike. Being able to let off steam and be active outside of school helps towards a child’s physical and mental wellbeing.

But what else?

Can children’s activities outside the classroom contribute towards developing a child’s individuality, intelligence and life skills? We take a look behind the theory of ‘Successful intelligence’ and how this relates to after school activities and their ability to nurture a child and equip them with skills for the future.

‘Successful intelligence’

Robert Sternberg is an American psychologist well known for his theory on intelligence linked to creativity. This theory is referred to as ‘Successful intelligence’. According to Sternberg intelligence cannot be defined by intelligence tests (IQ tests) alone. Sternberg believes that by focusing on IQ abilities alone you could actually miss out on seeing what other unique intelligence a child already possesses. Therefore Sternberg states that intelligence should also be defined in terms of how creative an individual is and how an individual adapts to the everyday world.

According to Sternberg’s theory, successful intelligence is split into three distinct types of intelligence: creative, analytical and practical. These types of intelligence are pretty self-explanatory: Creative intelligence is the ability to create novel and useful ideas. Analytical intelligence is the ability to analyse any new ideas. Finally Practical intelligence is the ability to make new ideas work in the real world (common sense).

How can successful intelligence relate to after school activities for children

Based on Sternberg’s research, intelligence does not always have to be measured by a child’s academic achievement. Other areas of intelligence must also be nurtured and encouraged. That’s where children’s classes and activities outside of the school environment can help. By developing the three areas of successful intelligence (creative, analytical and practical) in a fun and stimulating environment, children have the ability to build on these areas in order to equip them with skills needed for everyday life and their future.

Three children's activity ideas that incorporate and promote the elements of successful intelligence.

1. Dance Classes

From ballet to tap and even street dance. These types of children’s lessons not only encourage your child to develop social skills but also incorporates all three elements of intelligence. Creative intelligence is shown by choreographing their own dances and movement. Analytical intelligence is demonstrated by following instructions and taking part in choreographed dances and movement. Even practical intelligence is displayed through dance classes as children use new information to learn how to move their bodies through the environment.

2. Music instrument tuitions

Learning how to play a musical instrument or even singing lessons can enhance how a child uses their analytical intelligence in reading music and then playing it. Creative intelligence is also displayed through creating new compositions.

Children activity Music

3. Guides/Scouts groups

One of the most popular children’s activities for primary school children and teenagers. Belonging to a Guides or Scouts group promotes all three elements of successful intelligence, as children are encouraged to take part in a wide range of activities in order to achieve badges. These badges cover creative intelligence (e.g. craft, music, performing arts), analytical intelligence (e.g. orienteering, cooking) and practical intelligence (e.g. active response, camping, community action, first aid).

Get planning your children’s activities and how we can help

One of the reasons we created TheKidsDo is to discreetly support parents and activity providers in the creative, analytical and practical development of all children and teenagers. We help parents to schedule after school activities effortlessly, so that children and young people can have access to a wide range of activities.

TheKidsDo help parents reclaim their time. We use your unique requirements to curate and create a termly schedule that is completely bespoke and that fits in with your family calendar.

Once you register with us, we do all the hard work for you by searching and curating local activities relevant to you and your family’s requirements. Saving you between 4 - 10 hours!

To find out how we can help you plan ahead for the new school term. Simply fill in the free registration form on our parents page.

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