How to beat the back to school rush and get the family calendar under control

Yes it’s mid August already and there’s no denying it kids and parents - back to school season really has begun. As much as the children will groan and try to ignore that September is only around the corner, parents will be fully aware of the days zooming by. It really is hard to ignore with the shops and supermarkets already crammed with new stationery items and school uniforms. It seems everywhere you look there are little reminders that the new school year is soon upon us.

So The big question really is … parents are you ready? Are you a parent who is super organised and already has the brand new school uniforms hanging up in the wardrobe? Or are you a parent who cannot even bear to think about all the organisation needed to get the kids back into their regular school routine?

Whatever your situation, here are some benefits to getting organised

Getting the kids organised for school is one thing, but what about after school activities? Even if you are super organised it can be time consuming to compile and trawl through list upon list of local children activities. If you’re not so organised not only is it time consuming but the sheer amount of children’s classes out there can be overwhelming. How do you fit them all into the family calendar to keep everyone happy and busy?

At TheKidsDo we believe that learning outside of the classroom can be lots of fun and contributes to the development of well-rounded children and teenagers. We believe that kids and parents alike can benefit from learning outside of school in a relaxed and fun environment.

For children, activities after school help them develop their social skills, as they meet new people and make new friends outside of their regular peer groups. Activities involving sports or the arts can help children learn new skills and gain confidence. Taking part in activities outside of the classroom encourages children to reach their full potential in other areas outside of the school curriculum. Finally, there are health benefits for letting off steam and having fun after the school day, assisting not only their physical but mental well-being.

Children activities can also benefit parents. They provide a safe and secure space for their child or children to enjoy what they love to do most. For working parents, after school activities offer a little bit more flexibility around their working hours. Plus they are usually more cost-effective than additional childcare in some circumstances.

Our top three tips on how to get and stay organised

1. Plan ahead

Believe it or not - parents are already looking to organise and book after school classes and activities for their children during August for September. So don’t miss the boat! Get organised and have an idea of what activities your child or children want to do this coming year and get booking. Many children activities offer free tasters or trial sessions if your child or children want to try something new. Of course TheKidsDo are on hand to help take the stress out of organising, searching and planning any new children classes you may want to book.

2. Avoid getting in a fluster at the start of the school day

Allocate a specific area in your home for your children to keep their school bag, school shoes and coat. Coat hooks placed at their height and labelled plastic boxes are perfect of keeping school bags and shoes in one place. So no more mad rushing or scrambling around to find things on the way out of the house in the morning. Sounds like a simple idea but this is great for encouraging children of all ages to keep organised and learn how to plan for the day ahead.

3. Family time

Why not keep a colour coded family calendar or chart in your kitchen? You could even make it together with the children as a craft project during the school holidays. Include all the events important to you and your family. Think birthdays, school holidays, parties as well as children classes and activities. You could even include a wish list of activities you want to try as a family during the half term school holidays.

Beat the rush and secure your children’s activities

We want to help parents beat the back to school rush and secure the children activities that their kids will love. TheKidsDo aim to give parents their time and freedom back by searching for activities on their behalf.

For the super organised parent we can provide you with a comprehensive schedule based on your bespoke requirements, accessible online, exclusive and private to you. All neatly displayed in a familiar calendar format. For the parent who would like help getting organised our service offers the added bonus of taking away that overwhelming feeling of “where do I start?”.

Simply register with us, add your requirements and let us do the searching and the planning for you. It’s easy and you remain in control at all times. Try us out today so you don’t miss out!

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