Make a Splash this September!

How swimming classes can benefit your child

What an amazing Summer of Sport we have had! One of the highlights has to be the Olympics in Rio and the fantastic success of TeamGB with British swimmers winning an overall 4 medals in total (13 Silver medals and 1 Gold medal). Could your child be the next British swimming sensation of the future?

If the medal winners in Rio have inspired your children to get more involved in swimming, then why not take the plunge and sign them up for swimming classes?

We explore the benefits of swimming lessons and why it is important to get splashing around this September!

Top three swimming facts

1. Did you know that humans have been swimming for at least 10,000 years! There have been rock paintings found from Ancient Egypt depicting swimmers in action (1)

2. The Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) has a whopping 1,151 swimming clubs across the UK. Set up back in 1869 it was the first governing body for swimming, diving, water polo, open water and synchronised swimming (2)

3. Doggy Paddle was the first human stroke in swimming. This is of course the stroke newborn babies are able to perform instinctively (1)

Swimming - The Benefits

So what are the benefits of getting your kids in the pool to start swimming?

1. Swimming for health.

Swimming is a fantastic aerobic exercise as it uses almost every muscle group in the human

body. Learning to swim will also help to improve strength and stamina.

2. Safety First

Learning to swim will provide your child or children with the essential skills they need to grow up

to be safe in and around water. Being confident in the water is a key safety skill to have.

3. Get Social

Whether you child decides to swim competitively or not, joining a swimming club can

become a great social activity and builds camaraderie between members of the club/team.

Swimming - The Kit

Once your child has decided to get swimming, what is the essential equipment you will need?


Find out what is required in terms of swimwear (usually swimming costume, swim trunks

or swim shorts). If your child is joining a swimming club, do they have a particular ‘team uniform’ they need to wear?

Swimming Hat

Useful for children with longer hair as it will keep hair out of their eyes when they are

learning to swim. Taking this distraction away will help them to focus during their lesson.


More established swimmers may benefit from wearing goggles to keep the water out of

their eyes during lessons.


It’s important to keep hydrated and refuel after a swimming lesson. Bring water and a small snack for after pool energy.

Swimming - How to get involved

It’s best to start your child swimming as early as possible. Many pools even run classes for young babies and toddlers. This is beneficial as it builds confidence in children before they can establish a fear of the water.

Primary school aged children and beyond will also see the amazing benefits of learning to swim. So it’s never too late! Look out for the ASA Learn to Swim Pathway that will teach your child to swim under the best instruction with fully qualified ASA teachers.

We can help you find the right swimming classes for you and your family. All you need to do is sign up to receive your unique and bespoke schedule. We will do all the hard work for you, curating local swimming lessons for the times and locations that best work for you.

Once you receive your private schedule, you will be able to view all the details along with information on how to book.

Please register your interest on the Parents page of our website. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates and news.



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