Make a song and dance out of drama!

How to get your child into drama classes

‘All the world’s a stage!’ Does your child want to be up on the stage? Do they dream of seeing their name up in lights in the West End? We explore the benefits of drama classes and how to find the right drama school for your child.

Drama Classes - An Overview

Did you know that drama classes are one of the most popular after school activities among primary school aged children? It is clear to see their appeal to this particular age group. Improvisation through play and the social element make these particular children classes fun and appealing to all. If your child demonstrates dramatic play (both alone or in a group), it could be the beginning of a keen interest for them in drama and theatre.

We’re on hand with some top tips and helpful advice to identify the key benefits of getting your child into acting.

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Drama Classes - The Benefits

There is no doubt about it, drama classes can be a LOT of fun! But that aside, what are the other benefits of your child participating?

1. Imagine

Drama classes help to develop your child’s imagination through improvisation techniques.

2. Express Yourself!

Getting involved in acting allows kids space to express themselves creatively. Allowing them to let off steam through this ‘freedom of expression’ is great way for releasing stress outside of the classroom.

3. All about the confidence

Drama lessons help towards developing children’s confidence and communication skills. These key communication skills will serve a child throughout their entire life. Benefiting them right through in their personal life, from school to work and ultimately building a career. Confidence building of course also helps towards raising a child’s self esteem, which is another positive attribute for their future.

Drama Classes - Who are they for?

Your child has decided they want to get involved in acting, what next? Decide whether drama classes are right for your child. Here’s a handy checklist to get you started.

- Drama classes are great for both outgoing and shy children too. So don’t worry if your child is showing interest in acting but is quite shy. Drama or acting lessons best suit children who don’t mind taking risks or are uninhibited about what others think of them. As long as your child is enthusiastic about acting and drama and shows creativity, then drama classes will be a good fit.

- Although drama lessons are a good way of letting off steam and sharing creativity, it’s also important to consider they require a certain level of focus and concentration. If your child demonstrates a lot of energy at the end of the school day whilst being able to focus on a lesson, then drama lessons are for them.

Drama Classes: Three top tips to consider

1. Speak to the drama school and find out exactly what your child’s drama class will offer. For example, will there be an annual drama school performance? The structure of the course - do they follow a syllabus? What forms of acting will be covered in the lessons?

2. Find out more about what the environment of the drama class is like? Speak to the parents or children who already attend and get their perspective. Is the class relaxed or quite strict? Are the children put under any pressure to perform? It’s best to get a clear understanding so you can explain to your child what to expect from the lesson.

3. If there is an annual performance, find out if you can take your child to see the show before committing to the class. Get them thinking about their own performance on stage, and find out if it would be something they would be keen to do.

Drama Classes - How to get involved

There is no time or age limit when getting your child into drama classes Your child can start as soon as you feel that they are ready. Does your child make up stories or act out certain scenarios in their play at home? Then perhaps they would enjoy and benefit from acting lessons.

We can help you to find out more about local drama classes in your area. All you need to do is sign up on our Parents page to receive your unique schedule. We take away the overwhelm when it comes to the sheer number of classes and activities by curating local drama classes for the days, times and locations that work best for you and your family.

Your schedule is completely secure and bespoke just for you. It will be available to you to view online along with the details on how to book.

Visit our Parents page on our website to sign up for a schedule. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and on Twitter for regular news and updates.

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