Canoeing - Were you kids inspired by Olympians Joe Clarke & Lian Heath and Paralympian Anne Dick

This is our daily Olympics and Paralympics series featuring a local activity for each of the Sport categories in which TeamGB won Gold medals.

We're hoping your children were as inspired by the Paralympics as they were by the Olympics!

If your children showed an interest in the sport, you won't need to spend hours searching and hunting for the relevant local after school activities! We love helping make your life easier.

Rio 2016 Canoeing

Team GB took home two Gold medals in Olympic canoeing. Liam Heath became the country’s most successful Olympic canoeist after winning Gold in the K1 200 meter sprint and Joe Clarke won a gold medal in the canoe slalom men's K1 final in Rio. Anne Dickens won the Paralympics 100th medal in Rio with her Canoeing gold in the Women's KL3 200m final.

Are you kids inspired to give Canoeing a try:

If your kids are keen to give canoeing a try, Albany Outdoors in Kingston runs an after school club for those aged eight to 12 years, with little or no paddle sport experience.

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Access all local after school clubs by requesting your perfectly co-ordinated schedule of after school activities at the click of a button. See how to do so here

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