Step back in time!

It's Friday! We thought we'd end the week on a light note by taking a trip down memory lane.

All of us parents were children once! What were the popular activities and childhood fads over the years? Do you remember any of the following?


Technical drawing games such as Etch a Sketch and Spirograph

Board games like Twister and Operation were both introduced in the 1960s

Playing outdoors with friends - bike riding and den building were big after school activities of the day!


Popular outdoor toys included Space hoppers, Rayleigh ‘Chopper’ bikes and roller skates. You could wear your new roller skates to the roller disco with your friends!

During the 1970s colour television was introduced to the homes of the British nation. With just three television channels to choose from


Early pioneers of tech Pac Mac is launched in 1980s

Arcade and video games hold mass appeal

Although invented the decade before - Walkmans were increasingly popular during the 80s

Everyone owned a Rubik’s Cube


Revolutionary decade for tech as computer consoles become more popular in the home

Introduction of the world wide web in 1993

Popularity of satellite and cable television - MTV for teens and Nickleodeon for kids

Happy weekend!


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