Move over Scouts, this one is #ForTheGirl - everything you need to know about Girl Guides

In our next series of special features we explore the Guide Association and Scouting. Two very popular activities for children in the UK. What makes these organisations so special and inspiring to kids? We’ll take a look at the history, benefits and bring you all the insights into these unique after school activities. We think you will be amazed.

There’s much more to girl guiding than just badges and campfires. Although both of these do sound like fun in themselves! Girl Guides have evolved with the digital age and are a charity dedicated to inspiring and empowering girls and young women. In this blog we explore the benefits of joining the Guide association, and give you the low-down on all the kit you will need to become part of the Guiding movement.

Guide Guiding - An Overview:

The Guide Association was founded in 1909. Before then Scouting had been ‘just for boys’. A group of intrepid girls looked to change that by completing badges of their own and Girlguiding was born. Over 100 years old, the Girlguiding movement has continued to push boundaries and inspire generations. Girls can get involved from the age of 5 and can stay on until they are 25 years old if they wish to do so. There really is something for all ages and each unique group has their own vision, achievements and identity.


This is the first of the guiding groups for girls aged 5 - 7 years old. Here girls have a space to try new things, and learn through doing different activities. Activities your child might take part in are sports, arts and crafts (messy play) and playing games with girls her own age. The aim of Rainbows is to also learn about the world together. A perfect opportunity to make new friends.


The next group in the Guides movement is Brownies. Girls move into Brownies from the age of 7 - 10 years of age. Brownies try new things and learn about themselves, their community and the world. This is encouraged by learning new skills through experiences and taking on new challenges. Brownies work on different skills to gain badges which is great at encouraging achievement and attainment outside of the school environment. This also encourages girls to discover what they want to do or want to be in the future.


For young ladies aged 10 - 14 years old, Guides continue to follow their own programme for badges. These attainment badges can cover a wide range of life skills and experiences such as: healthy lifestyle; celebrating diversity; global awareness and discovering skills and relationships. Guides have a varied activities programmes at their weekly meetings, and often go to special events and even residential trip away.


The final group in the Girlguiding movement, Seniors is a programme designed around personal development for young women aged 14 - 25 years old. Being a Senior gives girls the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world as well as learning how to lead. The Senior programme is a great opportunity for young women to build their CV for the future.

Guides - The Benefits:

Keep on Moving

Whether your child is in the Rainbows or Seniors they will learn about keeping fit and having a healthy lifestyle. This is incorporated into activities such as playing sports or games (both indoors and out), learning to cook and building towards attaining different badges.

All about the Confidence

Girl Guiding is unique in that it offers a safe and welcoming space just for girls. Girls who feel more comfortable in a female-only environment will gain confidence to try new things and take on new challenges. Helping them to discover and develop new talents and passions.

Girl Power!

With their separate groups for different ages, girl guiding helps support your daughter as she grows. Along with this there is a strong sense of community and belonging. This is through the Girl guiding association active campaign for girls and women to be the best that they can be in a wide range of areas and activities. Their recent #ForTheGirl campaign is an excellent example of this.

Did you know…

Great Girl Guiding Facts:

Girl Guiding is over 100 years old! The Guide Association was established in 1909 by a group of intrepid girls who refused to accept that scouting was ‘just for boys’. They even helped out in the First World War effort by growing food and helping in hospitals and factories.

Brownies were originally called ‘Rosebuds’ for girls under 11 years old.

Girl Guiding empowers nearly half a million girls to experience new challenges and

adventures and to achieve their potential to make a difference and be their best.

Guides - The Kit:

The Uniform

Each different girl guiding group has its own identity and uniform. This is encouraged by the association as it gives each group a sense of community and pride. The uniforms are practical and casual, usually consisting of polo shirts, t-shirts, hooded jackets or gilets. Check out the website for advice and guidance on uniforms.

Membership Fees

Girl guiding is great value for money for the activities and adventures your child will have. Membership fees are dependent on the venue/group, so check first. The fees usually cover the cost of the meetings and running of the charity. There may be additional costs for special events or residential trips away.

Guides - How to get involved:

It is always best to try a session first and perhaps attend a meeting as a taster session. This way you can find out more about the group and whether it is the right after school activity for your child. Register your interest in the Girl guiding movement to find out more about the charity and the organisation.

We are here to help you find the right children activities for your child or children and save you time and stress by finding local activity providers and organising the weekly planner on your behalf. Simply Sign up on our website as a first step.

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