Choosing the right after school activity according to your child’s personality

Beat the rush and get ahead for the new term.

With the school holidays just around the corner, it’s sometimes difficult to think too far ahead to the new school term. But let’s face it, blink and we will all be back to school before we know it. How do you get your and the family calendar organised for the new term?

Now could be the perfect time to get ahead and start thinking about and planning your child/ren’s after school activities. As we’re always on hand to help and support families with their after school activity planning, we thought that it would be interesting to look at some children’s personas to help you in choosing the right activity for your child.

Celebrating individuality

Here at The Kids Do we understand that all children are different and have many traits that make up their personalities. That’s what makes us all unique and we are proud to celebrate that individuality.

For the purpose of this blog, we are going to explore five generic children’s personas with some suggestions on which after school activities would suit that particular trait. This hopefully will give you some assistance in making the right decision when planning after school activities and your family calendar for the new term.

If your child is…

Shy and Timid

Even the thought of performing or speaking in public might completely overwhelm a shy and timid child. Developing skills in confidence and communication will benefit your child in their personal life, school and ultimately in work and their future career. Building confidence can also help to increase a child’s self esteem, another valuable attribute.

Consider dance and drama classes in a small group to build up their confidence. If your child is very timid this can be done gradually and in stages until they feel comfortable in the group.

If your child is…

Full of Energy

Is your child full of beans? Do they need to burn off a lot of excess energy even after the school day? Some children are always on the go and an activity may help them to channel all their energy in order to wind down.

Perhaps the more obvious choice would be to use that energy in a team sport such as football, hockey, tennis or netball. Participating in a team sport will also offer your child the opportunity to build on their communication and team-work skills as well as keeping fit.

If your child isn’t interested in sport then why not consider a children’s yoga class. Yoga is a fantastic way to introduce your child to mindfulness from an early age. Through Yoga your child will learn different breathing and relaxation techniques, along with different Yoga poses. An alternative way to gently switch off and relax.

If your child is...

High achieving

If your child excels in any activity that is put in front of them, you may need to look for an after school activity that will help them feel challenged. It may be that they tend to learn and pick things up quickly. So it may be useful to find an activity where they can feel that they are constantly learning new things along the way.

Why not think about an activity that promotes achievement, and where your child can progress through different levels or awards. Both Karate or Scouts and Girl Guides will keep your child busy. Not only do all of these activities keep your child active but they also give children the opportunity to progress either through different ‘belts’ in Karate and ‘badges’ in Scouts and Girl Guiding.

If your child is...

Lacking motivation

It may be that from time to time children need a bit of a push to get motivated when it comes to activities. Perhaps encourage them to get involved in a sport or activity through which they can meet new friends, and get involved with a sociable activity. They may also have the need to try new exciting things which offers variety.

If they are sporty then an activity such as rowing or sailing could be the right choice for them. Becoming a member of a rowing or sailing team requires teamwork, and encourages motivation to do your part in the team to succeed. Both activities usually involve membership of a club so the social element is also there for your child to enjoy.

If they need more variety and structure, then perhaps you could consider Scouts or Girl Guides. These offer a varied programme and an excellent social scene. Becoming part of the Scouts or Guides also encourages your child to make a commitment and to join a team.

If your child is…

Seeking intellectual stimulation

Children who excel at school in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects often also need a space to unwind after school, and to also build on their physical skills. You may need to select an activity in which to exercise their mind as well as their body.

Fencing is an excellent example as not only will your child learn how to keep fit but they will also learn how to think ahead and about strategy. This will encourage them to use the skills that they already excel at within the classroom, in the gym.

For those who enjoy the arts more than sport, you could consider music instruction. Evidence suggests that learning an instrument can help with academic skills, and in particular maths. Perfect if your child enjoys maths at school.

Here at TheKidsDo we aim to give parents back their precious time by searching for after school activities on their behalf. We can provide you with a comprehensive and perfectly co-ordinated schedule based on your bespoke requirements, exclusive and private to you.

Simply register with us, add your requirements and let us search and plan options of activities for you. It’s easy and you remain in control at all times. Try us out today so you don’t miss out!

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