How do you evaluate after school activities?

Beat the rush and get ahead for the new term (part 2 of 3)

Discover what parents really value when planning and booking local activities for their kids.

We’re helping parents to plan ahead for the new school term with our three part blog series. We understand that family life can be busy enough, so it’s never too early to start thinking about after school activities for the kids. So before the whole family gets that ‘back to school’ feeling for the new school term, why not sit back with us, relax, and gather some top tips on how to get the family calendar organised.

In our first installment of the blog series, we explored how parents could choose the right after school activity for their child based on their personality. In part two, we take a detailed look at how families evaluate and choose activity providers. Analysing our recent feature card survey, we reveal the top 3 criteria that parents look for when choosing after school activities for their child or children.

What’s important to you?

Before we start drilling down into some facts and figures… Here at TheKidsDo we understand that each parent and carer has different preferences when it comes to choosing activities for their children. We also completely acknowledge that this is different from parent to parent.

To really get to know the needs and requirements of local parents and families, we ran a survey to gather insights into the top criteria parents look for when organising and booking after school activities. Here are the results.

Reputation is everything

In our survey, 30% of parents said that the reputation of the company providing the activity was THE most important factor in choosing an activity for their child.

We are so lucky to have some amazing activity providers in the local area. Many of which are well established and have been running for a number of years. Reputation of a company filters down from parent to parent, they are mentioned in the playground, coffee shop and on social media.

Of course, it goes without saying that parents want to feel confident their child will be well cared for while they are with the activity provider. Safety is a key element that feeds into an activity providers reputation. Parents will want to know, and rightly so, that individuals involved with the activity have had the necessary security checks (such as DBS).

A solid reputation can also be based on whether families believe that they are getting good value for money from the activity provider. Ensuring that they have all the correct skills and kit for their child to enjoy and flourish in the activity.

All about the Skills

Our survey also shows that for 20% of Mums, Dads and Carers the skills that their child or children learn and develop during an activity is a key factor in their selection.

From Ballet to Basketball there are so many amazing skills that your child can develop through after school activities. Children have very individual and bespoke needs when it comes to skill development. We tapped into this in part one of our blog series, where we based activities around different personality traits.

As it’s key that firstly your child enjoys the after school activity and wants to participate, it’s also important that parents think about the skills that their child will develop for their future.

Just a few examples of these are:

  • Creative skills such as building confidence or public speaking through drama and dance lessons

  • Being involved with a tennis or gymnastic club and enjoying the social side of being part of the community as well as the sport/activity.

  • Exercising a whole range of different skills both independently and in a team through involvement with the Girl Guides or Scouts.

Clued up and qualified

In our survey, 15% of parents said that the qualifications of staff providing the activity was at the top of their considerations.

In every instance, ensuring that your child is correctly taught a skill, sport or activity is absolutely crucial. It really doesn’t matter what the activity is - parents want to be reassured that the instructor has all the correct and up-to-date professional qualifications to teach.

Safety is paramount so alongside evidence of their professional qualifications, it’s important that parents also consider that the activity provider is first aid trained and has adequate insurance.

No hidden extras

We’re grateful to all the parents who took part in our survey and who provided us with valuable feedback on what they require from activity providers for their children. We thought we would share just one more tip when choosing a new activity for your family.

Gaining full visibility on the cost of an activity before committing financially will help you plan. Knowing the price of the instruction itself is useful, but always bear in mind that your child might also need additional funding for kit, equipment or a specific uniform.

Knowing any extra costs before signing up for a block of lessons for an activity is really important as it can help you plan your budget. We also believe that planning your budget can also help you to plan your family calendar. Knowing the full cost up-front could mean that you are able to offer your child or children more than one or two activities a week, if you plan your costs and know what you’re expected to pay.

We hope you have found the insights that we have gathered from parents like you useful for planning your children activities ahead of the new school term.

Part 1 of this series can be found here: How to choose the right after school activity according to your child’s personality

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