How to plan family logistics around after school activities

Beat the rush and get ahead for the new term (part 3 of 3)

Welcome to part three of our blog series, where we are helping parents and carers in planning after school activities for their children.

If you’re bored of hearing ‘I’m bored…’ during the holidays. Fear not - as once the kids are back to school and with some strategic planning for the family calendar, this phrase will soon be a distant memory!

In part one of our series, we explored how to choose the right after school activity for their child based on their personality We celebrated individuality and matched popular activities with 5 generic personas. Our second installment in the series examined how families evaluate and choose activity providers. It was an interesting look, through our survey, at what ticked the boxes for parents and what key features topped our list.

In our final part we take a look at the important logistics in getting your child or children to after school activities. How can you plan for getting the kids to each activity ready, set and on time? We also share some top time-saving tips when it comes to logistics planning to help get you more organised. We hope that you find our blog trilogy useful and that it helps busy parents like you to get ahead, feel organised and ready for action for the new school term.

It’s all about the logistics...

So everyone has decided and is settled on what children activities the kids are going to do after school. That’s one weight off of parents' and carers' minds. What next? Once the kids are home from school, the next step is often a mad scramble to their first or even second after school activities on the same day.

If you have more than one child participating in activities, sometimes you can find yourself going in completely different directions to get them both there on time. It might even be that they have separate activities at the same time, in different places! How can you juggle to keep on top of it all and to ensure that the whole family are happy?

...and commitment

Alongside the physical logistics also comes commitment to the activity in question. It’s important to factor in commitment in terms of time, energy and finance. For example, you might want to consider how far the activity provider is from your home, work-place or school? This will help you plan your logistics more effectively.

Other commitment factors you may wish to think about are energy levels for the activity. In other words, will your child be too tired to participate in an activity after a particularly busy day in their school timetable?

Financial commitment is also important, think about whether the family budget will stretch enough to fulfill the financial costs of not only taking part in the activity, but also any extra kit or equipment.

Once you know that the whole family are fully committed to your family calendar in terms of time, energy and finance, the next step is to think about organising the logistics. We’re here to help you think about ways for getting ahead and planning the logistics with our handy top five tips.

TheKidsDo Top Tips - Family Logistics Planning

Sharing is Caring

If time is stretched when transporting the kids from activity to activity, or if it’s physically impossible (to be in two places at once), why not consider a car-share? Speak to other local parents or your partner about ways you could share the driving and after school pick ups.

Get Packing

Get organised the night before by packing your child’s bag for their activity in advance. Ensuring they have all the correct kit and equipment will save you precious time in the morning. So no more rushing around looking for kit! You might also want to consider keeping spare kit in the boot of your car in case you forget any key items on the day.

Stay hydrated

Don’t forget to pack plenty of water for your child, this is particularly useful to have before, during and after their activity. A top money saving idea is to buy reusable bottles and keep a stock of freshly made water bottles. This makes them handy to grab on the go. Snacks are equally important to keep those hunger pangs at bay. Keep it healthy by packing items such as dried or fresh fruit, crudites, cold meats and picnic friendly cheese.

Countdown Calendar

Of course our bespoke online family schedule will be everything you need digitally in planning and booking after school activities, but to work alongside a digital format, you might find it useful to use the same information in a family calendar on the wall or on the fridge. Place it somewhere the whole family can see it, like in the kitchen. Use different colour highlighters to work out what’s happening when at a glance. Having a visual tool up on the wall will help you plan your time, and understand what is going on with a week ahead view.

Stay Connected - Go Digital

Finally don’t leave all the planning to the last minute. Sign up today for one of our bespoke local digital schedules to keep the whole family organised, busy and happy. For more information on how we can help visit us here.

Simply sign up, add your requirements and let us do the rest. We'll get back to you with options so you don't have to trawl and sift through 100s of web pages, flyers and magazines. It’s easy and you remain in control at all times. Try us out today so you don’t miss out!

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